You could say, and I would agree, I should have seen this adventure coming. I did, after all, grow up a Binder's daughter. So, bookmaking is kind of in my blood.

By an early age, I already had countless hours clocked in at Duncan's Bindery in Downtown Oklahoma City. From the first trim to the last stack of books being boxed and sealed , I watched as my Dad and Grandpa toiled over each job.

Beyond the walls of my family's shop, books became one of the most important things in my life. As an introvert, I found my escape and safe place in the worlds painted between the pages.  My books became how I self educated, dreamed, and eventually became the best version of myself.

With all of this said, it would be easy to assume I always knew I wold become a book binder. However, bookmaking came to me much later.  I spent much of my life as a fabric artist. I'm a self taught and certified pattern maker, draper, and seamstress.

Dearly Imparted is the culmination of my history with books and my experience in fabrication. I'm not yet a bookmaking expert, but I look forward to the adventure I have before me, every day.

Sincerely- Andrea Duncan